MLP Blog

A blog for MLP. MLP stands for Model, Language and Philosophy, NOT Multi-Layer Perceptron (MLP) 😛

My name is Yisong. I am a junior Ph.D. student studying Natural Language Processing.


Most of my current works study limited datasets (annotated by limited human) in a limited form (mostly tensors) by limited models (mostly invented in the last 5 years).

How do my current works relate to classic math / ML / AI models (perhaps invented 20 years ago)?

How do my current works relate to classic linguistic theory?

How do my current works implicate philosophical views?


I expect an update frequency around once a month.

I have come with the titles for the first few blogs:

Blog 1: When a junior NLPer reads Ludwig Wittgenstein.

Blog 2: On information bottleneck with my tasks.

Blog 3: On systematic generalization with my tasks (starting from F&P 1988).