UCMW (You See My World)

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This project is initiated purely out of my personal interest.

The first intuition is to provide a solution to the long-distance relationship I have with Xin. I want her to enjoy this relationship as if we are physically together: be able to see the surroundings of mine, to breathe the humanity around me, to sense the happiness and pain of mine, basically she can sync with me.

I later realized this idea resonates with what Ray Dalio claims in Principle, that being transparent is the key to meaningful human relationships.

Another significance is that it can leads to better time management: when we use UCMW to look back, we will have a sense how we distribute our time/energy/passion, and learn from our past expereince.

Therefore I propose a system that can seamlessly achieve following two goals.

Goal 1. Fundamental

The system is able to automatically record following things with timestamps:

After these information are automatically collected, the system is able to generate a summary which is interesting and insightful. After the generation process, the system then post it to my friends.

It is worth noting that we combine multi-modal information, including text, pictures, music… Basically all the senses human can perceive.

To achieve this, luckily the information mentioned above can be automatically obtained by integrating multi-sensor, like Apple Watch, Camera, screenshots from Macbooks…

Goal 2. Progressive

The system is able to provide insight to the life I had in a lag of time, provide comparison and improvement for following aspects:

To achieve this, we need to transfer these un-structured information types into more structured ones at the first step.

Yisong is thinking about following steps…

Seeking collaborations

I believe the dreamers come first. – Jeff Bezos.

If you’re interested to work on this project with me, and be co-dreamers with me, don’t hesitate to contact me via email! email address

I believe this project is fun, and impactful. Upon accomplished, it will not only provide a bridge for thousands of people to connect their friends, but also give us a chance to do a self-UCMW :D