Meta Research

I’m Yisong, a junior researcher. Most of my professional time is spent on (1) finding a problem; (2) solving a problem. However, what if we consider research as essentially a research problem? I have distilled following research questions for it:

I define this topic as “Meta Research”.

In this note, I will record my jounrey towards “Meta Research”.

It is constituted of my conversations with my mentors/friends (therefore some posts are in Chinese), my independent thoughts, etc.

I hope, at the end of the day, this note will demonstrate each small step towards my success.

As usual, I have a pointer as the start: Dr. Shannon’s talk on Creative Thinking.:



[Jan 2020] [With Wenqiang] 作为一个researcher, 最重要的是我们的思想。“因思想生光华”

[Jan 2020] [With Wenqiang] I hope you can oppose me more on research questions.

[May 2020] [Elon Musk] Sometimes we just need to distance ourselves to see things clearer.

[June 2020] [Min] On presentation. Here are some keys… (1) You are the narrator of your slides, so make your speech and slides complementary. (2) Different level of abstractions. 1/3 contents for all people; another 1/3 contents for all people in your deprtment; and the last 1/3 for the expert in your area.

[April 2021] [Min] On opening up a new research problem/task. On a comparison between intrinsic/extrinsic stuff. We do have an intrinsic motivation to solve a big/abstract problem. We then need to narrow it down to an extrinsic task/dataset/contribution. It might not fully fulfill the intrinsic motivation, but other people can use your method/dataset and work together to reach that motivation.

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