Revising and submiting my master thesis

[x] Done


Start doing my research.

First, headup to my teammates.

[x]Teammate meeting



[x]Read Samson’s paper

Slides can be found at:

To summary, this paper discovers that morphological inflection is a discrimination!

[]Submit our KDD work to ArXiv

[]We get a format error to fix first.

[] Short term: Intro Done for our AAAI submission

[]Ask Yunshan for the usage of DGX GPUs.

[x]Found a very stable way to connect to DGX servers.

[x]Installed conda and torch.

[] Long-term: Study shortcuts in terminals… How to directly login to a server, How to open my website git repo, etc…

Reading Chris Manning’s paper

Reading wolf’s log:

He gives a bold question:


[] Short-term: REWRITE the Intro part of our AAAI submission.

[] Short-term: add image / icon to my website!